Friday, April 3, 2009

Keeping one foot in front

Man so have you or anyone you know had this crappy cough stuff ? We have had it at our house for like 2 weeks now. Sonya and I have seem to be hit the hardest. I will say it makes it very hard to get out the door for the run when your body feels that way. I have always wondered what is better, to run or to take time off ? Well I decided to keep running. So far I think I have my longest streak of days running going in sometime, a whopping 13 days ! I know that is not much but I am happy with it. So far I have had a pretty good week. Coming off my big week last week I am shooting for 70 miles. So far I am on pace for it.

This week has been highlighted by two good workouts. On Monday I did a good 6x 600 meter hill run. I did this run on the 50th street bridge by my house. I felt pretty good and strong for most of the hills. It was a nice night to run this and I was proud I did it even after all the people I thought I was going to run with did not come. My other good workout was last night. Now I figured this was going to be a big goose egg but Sonya bailed me out and shoved me out the door. After a 20 min warm up I did 4x 5 min @10k pace with 2 min rest. I was very happy with how smooth I felt.

After a nice easy recovery run today with Sonya and Evan it is on to the weekend. I am hoping for some good trail runs !!

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rob horton said...

i like to run through it and burn that gunk out - with the reduced oxygen intake it is like training at elevation :)