Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Trail Mix 50k week

Man it is race week already. I would tell you I am fired up but if I did that I would be lying. I am excited to go out to the race but do feel pretty worried at times about how it will go. I guess that is just the side of me that wants to perform at a top level at all times and know that this needs to be a race that I train on thru to a certain degree.

To fill in last weekend I did get a good 11+ mile run in after work and felt real good !! I took Sunday off with all the craziness of Easter and all. We had a nice day with the kids. So at the end of the week I had 50 miles on 5 runs so a 10 mile ave. Not bad, could be better.

This week so far has been the week of baby jogger runs with Evan. What fun is it to be with my boy. Each run has been what Evan calls a lake park run. We run for 5 or so miles then play at the park by the lake then run some more. Everyone has fun huh. I will say that each year this pushing stuff does get harder. I feel like I am super tired after 3 days in a row of this. I am thinking I better lay off the jogger the next few days before the 50k.

Lastly I need to do my Trail Mix mens race preview. It looks to be a stacked race this year on the mens side. Plus with the full course open this year it should be great. I know of a few guys I train some with that are ready to roll. Joe Z, Tony Kocanda, and Nick Eugster. Plus I have heard that Wynn Davis is running as is John Storkamp I guess. Should be a barn burner to watch.


roughkat said...

Where's the love? I guess you have to be fast to get mentioned in the preview. I'm just hoping to survive although I'd love to both run a faster pace than last year's short course and it be fantastic to break 4 hours but I won't be devastated if that doesn't happen.

rob horton said...

kurt, enjoy the event. i think it is cool that we are doing 50ks on the same day. mine doesn't have much elevation to speak of. i am hoping for a 4:20, but would be cool with a 4:40.

SteveQ said...

Thank goodness I ran a tough 100 Mile last week, so I have an excuse to not repeat as winner this year! Expect me to cheer you and the other leaders as you lap me this time.

Helen said...

Good Luck at Trail Mix Kurt - should be quite the showdown with all you guys! Loved the video of Ryan Hall - his comments about running outside of himself - great guy. Hoping him and Kara G have a great run on Monday.

Lisa said...

good luck this weekend Kurt!

Gregg said...

I like the new format Kurt.
I heard Wynn was going to be at the Fitgers 5K??
Good luck this weekend.