Friday, April 10, 2009

Weekend Bound

TGIF I say. My week of training has been trying at times and I am very happy to be heading into the weekend. Unfortunately I have to report I did get a goose egg day after having a good 2+ week streak going. It was just one of those days where you just "run" out of time I guess. I am still sitting in a spot where I can still get my goal miles for the week. Coming into the week I was shooting for somewhere in the area of 65-70 miles. I think if I get in a solid long run and a easy medium day I will be right on. With Trail Mix 50k just about 1 week away I still want to get in good runs but not kill myself to bad. I am happy to report that the trails at Hyland are looking great and should be fun and fast for Trail Mix !! Ran there this morning with Paul, Joe Z and the boys. Man Joe and Nick are looking good and ready to roll in a week.

This week I have tried to run on trails as much as possible. I have had a few good runs at Hyland and the MN river bottoms. It has been a great week of seeing wildlife on the runs. I have seen tons of turkeys and deer. I even saw a HUGE beaver the other day which was way cool. One thing I have also seen durning these runs is that I do not have good trail legs. I feel like I am having to work to hard at times to climb. Plus when I climb my dam right knee is not pulling its weight as well. I had some problems with this last year as well. I know I need lots more time on the trails before I can maybe get back to the days of ripping them up. I think at this time I will just be happy to get thru Trail Mix and keep training. I know it sounds stupid but man I just want to feel even half of how I used to feel running. Maybe those are days of the past but I will die trying to get back there.

Lastly here is a very good video on Lopez Lomong I just saw on Flotrack. Check it out. He is one of the lost boys of Sudan. It is worth your 13 min's.

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rob horton said...

thanks for sharing the video bro - i really enjoyed it.