Sunday, December 28, 2008

New week a few more runs

Not much to report this week. I got in a few nice run and felt pretty good overall. With the holiday and all it was a little more crazy than normal let just say.

I did get to run with a few good friends. Patrick "PR" Russell and I got in a short run. I met his part of the way during his run. It was great to see him and check in. I guess they have like 70 inches of snow up in the UP of Michigan already !! I only wish I was able to go longer so I had more time to talk. I guess next time. Maybe if all goes well I might head up to see him and get in some great snowshoe running.

I also got in a nice run with Paul down on the river bottoms. The trail was in pretty good shape and the screws in the shoes worked great. It was Paul's first run in some time as his foot get better. We had some post run coffee so that was nice as well. We figured hell normally we run 2+ hours every Sunday so we get that time even if we just run 4+ miles.

During coffee we talked about doing more weights and cross training this year. We that in mind I hope to start in on Monday with some of this.

Also got a Leadville 100 trail run entry in the mail yesterday. Is that a sign ? We will see.

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