Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Start I Guess

SO I got out this morning for my first run. Man nothing like starting out once more when it is -8 and -28 windchill outside !!! I will have to say it was nice to be out there once more. Kind of like a supper nice Christmas present to myself. I did find it funny that It might have taken me longer to get all dressed as such than my run. I just ran the 1 mile down to the lake and back. I figured it was a good run to do since that is where I did my first run post surgery last year as well. It took me just over 15 mins to get in my 2 miles. Heck I felt like I was moving super slow and easy and still ended up at like 7:30 pace or so. I guess I might not have lost as much as I thought ? I think I will see for real when I try to go for a longer run. Day 1 down people !!!


SteveQ said...

2 in 15 after surgery? Maybe I should look into getting a sports hernia, if it makes one faster!

rob horton said...

awesome kurt!

Helen said...

yep I'm thinking 2 in 15 equals recovery :)