Thursday, December 4, 2008

Minnesota Music- Soul Asylum & Trip Shakespeare

Since I am not sure if I will be able to blog much for the next week or so and I am having so much fun going down memory lane and looking up some of my favorite local bands of the past. I for one will say the music scene in this state is great. I could go on forever about all the greats past and present like the Suburbs, Prince, Gear Daddies, Low, Arcwelder, Tapes and Tapes, Mason Jennings and on and on.

But for today I would like to talk about two great's that I for one had so much fun going to see them play live time after time during high school and the years after. I would have to guess between these two band I have seen them like 50+ times for sure. Heck I can think of one week back in 1989 that I saw Soul Asylum 3 times !!

Soul Asylum was a great live band that played hard every night out. To me they where like the next go around of bands like the Replacements and Husker Du. For most people they think of songs like Runaway Train, but for me I loved all the stuff before that time the most. Albums like Made to be Broken and Out of Time are classics. These guys are still playing around some which is cool. It has been years but I hope to see them once more in the future.

Trip Shakespeare was a fun kind of quirky band. I loved seeing these guys because they where so funny. Matt Wilson made me crack up all the time. After there first album Matt's brother Dan joined the band. Some know of Dan from the band Semesonic or his writing of songs with the Dixie Chicks. Dan is a great song writer as well but I always like Matt better during these years.


nwgdc said...

wow-I had no idea that Soul Asylum was a MN group. Not bad! Not sure what WI has to offer...The Guffs and The Bodeans come to mind...but not sure about anything else. Then again I don't listen to music even on my iPod--only Books on Tape or podcasts, so to say the least I'm not a big music buff.

nwgdc said...

ps--suggestions on Grandma's Marahthon Lodging? I think I want to run it next June, and was up there last year when my wife ran it. To say the least, I don't care to stay in the dorms again.

Kurt said...

call now !!! The rooms fill so fast. If you go on the visit duluth web site they have ton's of numbers of hotels. Good Luck !!

Chad said...

Soul Asylum's "And the Horse they Rode in on" was my favorite album of theirs. "Somebody to Shove" was a great song for moshing in the basement of some house party.

nwgdc, the Violent Femmes are from WI.