Wednesday, December 10, 2008

To do or not to do ?

So one of the things I have been thinking about as of late is the great question of do I go back to Leadville 100 in 2009 or choose a different one and go back some other year. This is my dilemma.

One one hand I really would like to go back and try to rock this course out and in my mind get a little pay back. It is a great part of the country so that is a plus. The course is very pretty so that is cool. There is great history as far as the race goes.

One the other hand I do kind of feel that a race like the Leadville 100 for someone like me being from MN in a no win situation. You can train so hard and be in great shape and simple get out there and not perform at your best because of the great elevation difference of where I am from. I have read many posts on the web from other runners thinking the same thing as well. Maybe that is one reason when looking at the results each year like 80% of the top 100 or so are from Colorado. That is a tuff one to swallow knowing that you will most likely be beat to the finish by many people who are not as good of runner as you. So one thought is hell just wait and go back when all you care about is a finish and not racing to the fastest time possible.

So I know that I will do Leadville but the question is do it now or in the future ? I really feel torn. So let me know what you would do. Vote on the new poll I set up on the side bar and tell me what you think.


rob horton said...

yo kurt - i think so much depends on how your recovery is going and how your conditioning is coming into the event. my thought is this - if you tackle this event again - set aside the thought of other runners performances - and treat it as a personal challenge. regardless of time - it would be a victory to finish the course. that is just my off the cuff - out loud thinking.

Matthew Patten said...

Everything I have read and heard about this race is what rob said.

This is a "just finish" race, and if you can "big buckle" it, you are in an elite class.

There are some who can do well without the assimilation, but they are rare.

I have wanted to go for years. Next year could happen

Helen said...

My tuppence worth... choose a different 100 and leave Leadville until you're in the mood for a fun trip to CO with a 100 miler thrown in! Not that it still wouldn't require dedicated training but I think if you're in shape to blast a 100 mile course next year then you should advantage of it and not have all the mental stuff to deal with after this year's race. There are so many better options for the kind of racing I think you enjoy. Vermont??

SteveQ said...

One of the reasons such a high per centage of finishers at Leadville are from Colorado is: the race is in Colorado. The percentage of Minnesotans at Superior is high, too.

The biggest issue, I think, is Leadville is expensive, especially if you go out early enough to acclimate.

Kurt said...

thanks people for the feedback !!

I hear you about the race being in CO. so there are more people from there in the race and all. But I do not think that is all true. Leadville is a much BIGGER race that SHT 100 in many ways. It draws much different as well.

All I am saying is being a running geek like me who know way to much about all the different runners out there I find it funny that over the years many of the so called " elite " ultra runners tend to not go there or if they do it is a one and done type thing. Not like maybe the only other race with a " name " like Leadville in Western States.