Sunday, June 1, 2008

Playing it safe

So this was one of those weeks where I needed to be smart. After a great week/weekend last week I was very happy with how things started out. I had a very solid beginning of the week. Then on a simple easy Wednesday morning run no less than 1/2 mile from home my right knee went snap funny on a downhill. I became very aware after 10-15 more min's that this was the time to loop back home. I took it easy the next few days just testing it. Each day got better but I could still feel it. I just ran what I could each day and stopping after it started the hurt.

As you might expect I was a bit disappointed but took the attitude that I need to do what I can and not try to do to much. I would say the weekend was OK. I got in a hour plus run with Sonya and Evan on one day and two hours on the ski hill with Paul. All in all I was most happy with the hill workout. We kept the pace solid and got in many repeats. I did cut this workout short from my original plan but I will deal with it and look forward to the start of the next week. I figure this training for Leadville is much like the race itself, I need to be smart and pace your self.

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