Monday, June 23, 2008

Great Weekend of running

Man what a weekend. I have been oh so happy with how things have been going and after this weekend I am happy to report it is still going this way.

The weekend started with a super nice run on Friday morning with Evan and Sonya. We got in a great 11 mile run down by the lakes. I think we all where feeling good and happy to be out there. Evan loved all the fish we could see in the lake and all baby ducks we saw. It was a good city wildlife day.

On Saturday morning my Mom helped us out with the kids so Sonya was able to come running with Paul and I on the MN river bottoms. It had been awhile since all three of us had been able to run together so it was fun. The weather was OK for the most part since we where in the shade of the trees. I remember saying I was glad to be not running Grandma's Marathon that day since there is little to no shade on that course. As much as I like that event it is hard to get to excited since the weather has been shitty for more than a few years in a row. We ended up running like 19 miles in all. I felt super good !! I love the bottoms.

Sunday was hill day. Paul and I have been hitting the hill pretty hard the last few weeks and this week we were looking at 40 hills. We started at 6am to try and miss the heat for a bunch of it, thank God we did as it was pretty hot by the time we got done. We kept all the 1/2 mile round trip hills at a solid 4:35-4:41 mins. That was a great pace for 40 let me tell you. Even though I was cashed out at the end I was super happy with how it went. All in all it was a 22 mile day and I got in just over 6000 feet of climbing. This weekend gave me much confidence !!


Joel said...


Just learned that you're preparing for Leadville, through Steve's blog. Great! Hope to see you soon out doing hills.

kurt decker said...

Thaanks man, So do you ever hit up the hills at Hyland much ? Or is it more Afton stuff.