Sunday, June 29, 2008

Mixed Bag

So this weekends runs where the ultimate mixed bag. I was feeling pretty run down all around in Friday's run so I was not going into the weekend on a high note.

When I woke on Saturday for the run ( after hitting snooze for 1 hour ) I set off for Elm Creek park in Maple Grove. I have loved running there in the past but it had been like a year since I last ran there. I figured with Summer having a soccer tournament not to far away in Rogers this would make the most sense. Well the park did not disappoint that was for sure. The weather was great, the trail where very nice, and I felt pretty good the whole run. I was rocking the ipod which was a great way to roll on the trails. I got in a solid 20 mile trail run ( 1 big loop ) in 2:38 !! I was very pleased with how things went considering how I felt before the run. I love the fact you can do a big outer loop there and not have to double back. Someday I would like to put a race on there.

Sundays run was lets say the complete opposite from the day before. I felt crappy the same as I woke up but when I got to the trail my mind and body where having none on it. I think things would have worked out a bit better if I had my trail buddy Paul to run with but in the end I think my body was just saying it was done. Now I do not know if this has anything to also do with it but I am at my last few days of the AltoLab altitude simulator. When I have been using it the last week or so I have been feeling so so tired. I guess you are supposed to feels this way but I will be happy when I get a break from it in the next day or so. Maybe I will feel better on the Monday night run with the guys ?

I love this photo of Sonya and Adam running at Fans 12 hour !!! Thanks Adam for sending it to me.

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MN Ultra Runner said...

I can't believe you let your wife run with that good looking guy! Best of luck at Afton, hope to see you out there.