Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Monday Night Magic and beyond

I met Joe and the guys this Monday night once more for the Monday night hills run. I think this is like the 4th time I have gone with them to do this workout. Now with me also doing hills every Sunday this makes for a crazy back to back hill session. That being said I also think it is one of the reason I feel like I am getting much stronger week by week. This week after my great weekend of running I was not going to go. I was so so tired and a bit sore. But I talked myself into it and was so happy I did so. There is such a great group of guys running this. I figure any time I can get in a great run/workout with such a group of first class people I should do it. In the end I think I was at like 10 miles or so. Solid run !!!!

The next morning I drug myself out of bed and down to the MN river bottoms. I was very happy I did so and was very happy with how I ran. I ended up with another 10 mile day which was great. I was feeling more like the " old Kurt " and just slugging it out mile after mile. I think Wednesday will be a rest day. Hell In the last 5 days I have run like 78 miles I think !!!


Gregg said...

things are sounding pretty good for you Kurt. it's time to get your "A" game together and train like you never have... if you ever start to loose motivation just think of the climbs that will be waiting for you in August. you're doing great, and best wishes!

SteveQ said...

I'm doing repeats of the campground hill at Afton Saturday morning and Hyland on Sunday. You're welcome to join me (though you might have to slow down a bit to my pace).