Monday, June 2, 2008

Epic night of running

After a sub par morning run which left me feeling crappy my lovely wife Sonya suggested to me that I bring my running stuff and go meet the guys for there Monday night hill workout at Hyland ski hill. Lets just say I was so so happy I did so. Not only did I feel OK running, with my knee was staying put overall as long as I did not push to much up some of the crazy climbs. But it just felt good running with Tony, Joe, Brian, Erik, and Arlee and the others. It was fun running with my head lamp on for a night run !!! Plus on top of it all I think I might have found my Leadville shoe. The Nike zoom trail s rocks !!! This run was just what the doctor ordered. All in all I had a good day of running miles wise with the two runs. Lets keep it going baby.


Joe Z said...

Good to have you out Kurt, it was a good run.

sr in tx said...

Was back a couple of weeks ago and took a run at Hyland with MK Narveson. That trail is so great! Glad you had a good run.