Friday, June 26, 2009

Western States 100- Best Race I have ever run !!

Defending champ Hal Koerner crossing the American River

Tomorrow is the 2009 running of the Western States 100 mile in Squaw Valley,CA. I ran this race back in 2003 and let me just say I feel so lucky to have be able to run it. I dream of doing it once more. This was the first 100 mile trail run in the U.S.A back in the day. It in my mind is still the best. This years race field is pretty stacked with some good runners. I am looking forward to watching the race web cast on the Western Sates web site to see how the race shakes out. I would say check in during the day and see how it is going !!! This is my picks for the top 3.

Mens: 1) Dave Mackey 2) Scott Jurek 3) Hal Koerner

Womens: 1) Nikki KImball 2) Jenn Shelton 3) Krissy Moehl


Anonymous said...

those are solid picks. Mine would be the same except Bev Abbs before Shelton. Shelton could definitely do it, but this race seems to favor experience and sometimes "old man strength".

Mackey is fit, that I can assure you. This is his chance to get it.

rob horton said...

i want to do it kurt! maybe we will make it to the start in the same year.

i am bummed that the live feed has not been working for me yet.

rob horton said...

finally got some info: dave mackey dropped and scott jurek dropped. hal is leading with six miles to go.