Monday, June 15, 2009

Week before Grandmas Marathon

Well it is marathon week I guess. Last week was a ok week for me leading into this week. I tried to keep it pretty easy but at times push myself a bit. Overall I am happy with last week. I know I have a TON of work to do after Grandma's in order to be ready for Leadville 100 in mid August. The plan for now is to run the marathon at a pace that feels good and does not trash me to much for the upcoming weeks. I am all signed up for Afton 50k trail run which is two weeks after Grandmas then two weeks after Afton Paul and I are planning on a 50 mile run on the MN Voyageur course. After that it will be 5 weeks till Leadville.

On this post I have also linked a great part 1 video from It is part of a documentary with Bill Dellinger. Man this guy has had his hand in American distance running for many years. First as a Olympic medal winner then as a longtime coach of the Ducks. Enjoy and check out the RunnerSpace site if you have time.

Monday 6/8- easy day from home 5 miles

Tuesday 6/9- Ran from the store after work. Josh joined me for the first 5+ miles which was nice. I up to this point had never run with Josh. After he pealed off I ran a few loops at marathon race pace. Overall good run. 8 miles

Wednesday 6/10- Ran in the morning before work. Did a lakes loop. 6 miles

Thursday 6/11- easy day 5 miles

Friday 6/12- Ran with the Hyland trails group at 6am. It was a fun loop. I felt pretty good but not great. After run had some coffee with Adam and Paul and then was off to see Scottie at the Broast Clinic. Feels great !! 8 miles

Saturday 6/13- Ran the lakes before work. Felt ok but not great. It was feeling warm to me. I wish this could hold off till after Grandmas race. Even though I am not racing it I still do not want to melt out there. 5 miles

Sunday 6/14- Ran with Sonya, Evan, Paul and Sean on the MKTA trail. Nice and flat and soft dirt under my feet. I felt pretty good. 12 miles

Miles for the week= only 49 but oh well

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