Sunday, June 7, 2009

Week of 6/1 to 6/7

One more week closer to Grandma's and one more week of me wondering what the hell am I going to do up there. I guess we are only like 2 weeks out so I will know soon enough.

Monday 6/1- Got out with my Tim from across the street for a 6am morning run. We did a little shake out down by the lakes. I felt a bit tired but not bad. It is nice to have someone to get you out in the early AM sometimes. 7 miles

Tuesday 6/2- Went for a run with Nick after work. It was a very nice night to run and it was good to hook up with my good friend. I let him talk me into running his speed workout with him on the MPLS Southwest track. Let's say me having to climb a 12foot fence is not a good thing ! Once in the track I ran pretty good I thought. We did 8x400 with 1:20 jog between. Given I have not ran on the track in like 1 1/2 years ? I felt good keeping them at 70-72 seconds per 400. Solid I thought. 8 miles

Wednesday 6/3- It was National Running Day today and I had the pleasure of running with some guys from the store. It was Adam, Dave Tappe, Chad Austin, John Nasland, and Jared Mondry. We had a nice group run. 9 miles

Thursday 6/4- Easy recovery day. 4 miles

Friday 6/5- Ran with Tim down to the band shell and met up with Nick for part of a run. I felt ok today. 6 miles

Saturday 6/6- It was Fans 24 hour day. I went down to the race after work to go help Sonya's friend Kim who was running her first 24 hour race. She has run many trail 100's but she was feeling the difference by the time I got there. She was at 62 miles when I started with her and by the time I stoped to go home with her it was 11:00 at night and I had run 20 miles. She was doing great and I felt good about getting her in a good frame of mind. I got her to add 2 more walk spot's in the loop for a total of 3. She did not want to do this at first but soon say she was running like 2 min's per loop faster while doing this ! Sonya went back down at like 5am and came back with the good news that she won the wmns race with like 120 miles !!! What a day. 20 miles

Sunday 6/7- Ran with Nick in the afternoon for a good easy run. 8 miles

Miles for the week= 62

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