Friday, July 3, 2009

The Day Before

Fun times with my son !!!

Well with any luck I will be getting close to the end of the Afton 50k at this time tomorrow. Man it is hard to believe it is the 4th of July already. Sure seems like the time is flying on by. Tomorrows 50k run at Afton should be a good one. I know many people running so it will be great to see them all. I also look forward to seeing how my body will feel.

Since Grandma's I have been running pretty good. Nothing super great but not bad either. I think that week after Grandma's I got in like 50ish or so for miles. I had a great weekend with 15 miles at Hyland on Friday, 7 miles from home Saturday and then a good 13 miles at Afton on Sunday with Sonya and her friend Kim. This week as been pretty simple. I have gotten in 5-6 miles each day except on Tuesday night I got in 7+ or so with the guys from the store. I hope with the race tomorrow then try to get in like 10 or so on Sunday I could end up with like 60 miles for the week. I have 2 more weeks after this one till the big 50 mile trail run up north with Paul. That will tell me allot about if I will be going to Leadville 100 this fall or not.

For some good reading check out this blog's.
- Devon Crosby Helms has a great report on her race at the World 100k championships.

- Brian Morrison seems to have the same feeling about Western States 100 as I have on Leadville right now. Man to think he was only like 10 feet away from winning that race just a few years ago.

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