Monday, June 1, 2009

Asleep at the Blog I guess

Man I have not been very good keeping up with this darn blog as of late. I guess it is good that I have been keeping busy at home and work. Well let's get caught up.

Monday 5/25- Ran with Evan and Sonya down to the Brian Kraft 5k to watch Sonya and a bunch of friends run the race. It was fun running to the race with Sonya and Evan. During the race Evan and I ran a few miles and waited to see the gang come on by. A bunch of the TCRC guys looked pretty good overall. I know we where a bit short handed. Sonya ran a very good race all things considering. She went out real slow on purpose ( like 6:18ish ? ) to keep her some mid-section in check. She finished strong and was 3rd masters woman in like 18:59. We ran some after and then Evan and I ran home. Nice day ! 12 miles

Tuesday 5/26- Nice 8 mile run

Wednesday 5/27- Did a speed workout from work of 10x 1min on at 5k pace and 1 min off. I felt pretty good overall. I averaged like 5:45 pace on the pick up's. 9 miles

Thursday 5/28- Nice 8.5 mile run in the morning.

Friday 5/29- Took day off. just not feeling it I guess.

Saturday 5/30- Went out with the best intentions but once more was just not feeling it. Might have had something to do with the very busy day off work ? Or maybe me just being week. 1 mile

Sunday 5/31- I ran in the Minneapolis 1/2 marathon today. It was a very nice day to run that was for sure. I went into this run with the idea of keeping it pretty easy and use it as a good pace run. With the help of my handy Garmin 405 I just settled into a pretty good groove. I was keeping it around 6:23-6:30ish pave most of the way. I had a potty break at like mile 5 which lost me like 1 min but then I got back on pace after that. In the end the clock read 1:27 so a 6:34 pace. I think over all I am pretty happy with this effort. I still do not know what to think of Grandma's but I will give it a shot. 14 miles for the day ( no warm up because of forgetting watch and having to drive home before race )

Miles for the week= 53 ( not bad I guess giving that I flaked out on two days )

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