Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Week After

Well my post week after the SHT 50K was a pretty good one. The week started with me not being able to believe how darn sore my leg's where. Man I felt like I ran my first marathon. I guess I have not done enough hill work yet to pound my legs into shape. Lucky for me Leadville is still a long way away. I ended up running 5 days this last week with the bulk of it coming at the back part of the week. All in all a pretty good week filled with runs with lot's of friends.

Monday- Took day off as my legs where very sore still.

Tuesday- Ran a easy 6 miles with Sonya and Evan by the lakes. I felt ok overall. A bit sore on the downhills still.

Wednesday- Ran in the morning with Matty G. I like running with Matt on his easy days. We looped by the lakes and back home. I was like 9 miles.

Thursday- Took a off day today. Did not feel like running at 6am and was to tired after a family night at the MN Zoo.

Friday- Met Nick at the band shell for a good morning run. I need to find away to get us to do this more often as it would be good for both of us. I got in 8 miles.

Saturday- Met Paul at Hyland for a morning of hills. It was good to be out with Paul but I will have to say I do not miss the ski hill all that much. But that being said I know it is good for me. We knocked out 25 hill repeats before I started work. Got in like 13+ miles all in all.

Sunday- Man two days in a row running with Paul ? I guess the moons where aliened huh ? Any how we ran down at the Murph. After a day of ski hills this was no let up. We got in like 14+ miles of very hilly running. In fact after today we had in like 9000+ feet of climbing for the two days. Maybe not allot for some but I could feel it in my legs after the run. Heck we did just run the SHT last weekend after all.

Miles for the week= 51

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SteveQ said...

Your hill workouts make mine look pathetic! I did three times up my favorite hill (240 feet high, 0.4 miles long) and had my heart rate at maximum for all of it. That was NOT the plan.

If I were planning to do Leadville, I'd run the Afton Coulee hill, as it's two miles long and paved, like the end of Leadville. Hyland just seems a bit short.