Monday, March 2, 2009


I can say I felt like I had a very solid weekend overall. I got in two pretty good runs and had a very busy day at work on Saturday !!!

On Saturday the day started very early since I needed to be at work by 7:45am to meet one of the MDRA marathon training groups. They where having a team store day at the store so I opened it up early for them. By 10am when we normally are open it was bang off to the races. Starting this time of the year with people training for all the spring and summer races plus with all the high school kids coming in for track which starts next week it gets very crazy. I often think heck who needs to run when you are running back and forth all day long !! With that said Nick did drag me out after my 9+ hour day at work. I ran down to the band shell to meet up with him. At first I was not to happy about this since all I wanted to do was sleep. But in the end it was a very good run !!! I ended up with 6 miles for the night. I felt good but did not want to do much more since I knew I was running 20 miles the next day with Paul.

Sunday I met up with Paul for a 20 miler on the Mkta LRT trail. I just needed to get off the roads for this one. The gravel and little snow was good on the legs. Adam ran with us for the first 12 miles then we added on. I could tell I was going farther than I have for sometime around 2 hours but by 2:10 I was doing good. We ended up with 2:23 good for a solid 20 mile run. This run gave me some good confidence that I am doing better than I feel most times. I got to keep it up as we have 16 weeks till Grandma's Marathon !!! Yesterday was day 1.

By the way did I mention I signed up for Grandma's !!!! They have my $$ now it is time to suck it up. This week I need to get all taken care of for Leadville as well.
The week ended up with 59 miles on 6 runs. Not bad but still a bit lacking for me.


SteveQ said...

That's a might fine 20! You'll be in great shape by Grandma's. I just paid to run the Zumbro 100 mile - guess I'd better train now.

Helen said...

Funny, I had exactly 59 miles in 6 runs also. AND was on the LRT Sunday morning!! Though we finished up at 17 miles (in about the same time at your 20!)... will shoot for 20 this weekend. So Leadville is a go? Cool, it will be a different race this year.