Sunday, March 15, 2009

Nice Warm Up

Wow what a few relief a few warm days can bring. As I have said before I was very sick and tired of the cold. The last few days have been great for me mentally with these darn right balmy days. Now if we can just like a week straight of these days and I think the trails will be open soon !!!

My running this weekend was nice. I had a real nice run Friday morning before work. It was a nice and easy 7 miles with some stride outs at the end. On Saturday I also ran before work. I figured with the Irish for a day race going on I would loop down by the lakes and see if I could see anyone I knew. Well along the way I saw Helen, and then Joe Z. and the boys. I did not get to talk to Helen but I am guessing she might be doing the race ? Joe, Tony,and Nick where all running 10 miles then doing the 10 mile race after. I was able to run like 4 or 5 miles or so with them which was nice. I closed out the week with a great 20 mile run with Sonya and Paul. Adam also ran with us for the first 14 miles. Man what a nice day !!! I think it got up to 44 during our run which felt great. I felt good on all the runs this week and feel real good about where I am going running wise. Still much work to do but I am happy.

Also this week was the USA 15k championships like I posted about. Looking at the results I think I did OK with my picks. All my friends on the Team USA MN ran pretty good. Good job everyone !! You should also check out the video here. Also always look to Flotrack for lot's of great running coverage.

Lastly this weekend was also the NCAA indoor track championships. Galen Rupp was a crazy man. He won the 3k, 5k, and ran the mile on the winning DMR team while leading them to the team title. Great running.

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SteveQ said...

I just skimmed Brad Hudson's book (I have the time - hurt again) and liked what I saw.