Monday, March 9, 2009

OK GO !!

One more week down and one more good week of running. Man I think that is 3 weeks in a row, knock on some wood !!! This last week had it all for me. A good long run, some up tempo running, a little hill sprinting. I felt very well rounded at weeks end. I have been enjoying adding in the workouts. I like running as much as the next person but it is fun to mix it up.

This was my 2 week of hill sprints. It seems crazy to run as hard as you can for only 12 sec up a very steep hill but man what a great workout. I also added in some up tempo work of repeats of two min's with 1 min rest in between. These got better as the number of rep's where added. Lastly I had a great long run with a 20 min tempo added into the middle of the run. I did this workout with Adam before work last Saturday. We ran from the store out 7 1/2 miles for the warm up. Now our warm up was a bit faster than I normally do this in as we kept clicking off 6:45 miles. When we started out the tempo Adam dropped it down to like 5:30 pace where I kept a smooth 5:50 ish min pace. All in all a good work out. I think that was the fastest 15 miles I have run in some time. I think the whole run took us like 1:32 !!! The cool down did not even seem to slow down for cying out loud.

All in all it was a 68 mile week in 6 runs. A good miles per run average I thought. One more good week of running then I will test myself some at the St Patty's Human Race 8k in St Paul.

Here is also a good link to a Running Times artice on coach Brad Hudson's training. I have read his book in the last few weeks and found many good idea's.


Get Primal said...

Glad to see the great workouts! Even more glad to see you have Chippewa's official? Hope so! Should be a great race and you'll be right in the thick of it.

SteveQ said...

I love hill sprints - it's sort of a guilty pleasure - but I don't do them until the ice is gone!

Looks like you've returned from injury in record time and are in great shape (especially for March).

I haven't read Hudson's book; guess it's time to head to the bookstore.

Kurt said...

Yea Steve it is a pretty good book. I like how his is big on the no cookie cutter programs for people. My plan I am using is part his idea's with a little Jack Daniels worked in as well. With any luck this will help me be ready for the year. And yes Adam I am thinking Chip 50k as of now but that might change to Trail Mix 50k if I can not get a few things to work out.