Sunday, March 29, 2009

Great Week

Wow what a great week of running. One of my big goals this last week was to run everyday. Check I did that. Then my goal was have a solid long run and a good hill workout, check I got that as well. The third thing for the week I was hoping to do was to runs some on the trails, check three for three !!!

For trails I ran on both the trails at Hyland Park and at Tierney's Woods just off of Hwy 169 and 494. It is just a small 2 mile loop there but I love it. I found the trails pretty good in both places overall. I would say Hyland was the muddiest of the two.

My two workouts where so good. I did my hills by my house in the tangletown area. I got in 11 solid climbs. I felt strong which was good. For my long run I ended up running it after a very busy day of work at TC Running. I went to Hyland to get on the dirt. I made my way in the park for 14 miles. I felt very good and really enjoyed the dirt. As I was going I knew it was going to be getting dark soon so I stooped at my car and quickly put on the road shoes. I was feeling good and looking to test myself for the next 6 miles. As I started out I wanted to set a good pace. I settled in to 6:30 pace and it felt good. As the miles went by I was getting very excited because after that bomb of a race last weekend I needed something to get pumped up about. This run did it for me that is for sure. Now I just need to take this week and build from there. I know I am getting fit I just want to keep my eye on the prize down the road.

One other great thing about the week was that I got in a record 76 mile for the week. Man my best week of 2009. I do not plan on going above 80 before Grandma's but am happy to be at this place now.


Chad said...

Nice week! Looks like you've broken out of the 55-60 mpw "slump".

So where's this Tierney's Woods? Southwest of the 494/169 intersection? I might have to check that out for my easy days.

Gregg said...

That's what I'm talking about! Keep it up man... hope to see you soon. I'm signed up for Get in Gear 10k.