Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tuesday with Sonya

After a very easy day of just 2 1/2 miles with my step-daughter Kyra after work in a light rain I was more than ready for more favorite things in the world to do. That thing would be get to run with my wife Sonya !! With her having Tuesdays off from work and with me not starting till noon we tend to get a run in together more days than not on Tuesdays. Today's run started a bit later as Sonya wanted to go to a parents meeting in the morning at our son Evan's daycare. Once we got a going we headed for the lakes like normal. We decide to take the cut trough in the rose gardens since Evan likes seeing all the pretty flowers. It is so cute to hear him say pretty flowers. From there it was up kings highway and then down to Lake Calhoun. Once we got to Calhoun it was funny because we where saying how it sure would be nice to have a breeze to feel cooler. Not 2 min's later man did the wind pick up. We both could not help but laugh about that. From this point it was a easy loop around both lakes and back home so I could go to work. At the end of the run Sonya had some stride outs to do so Evan and I joined in on the fun. Man was that tuff pushing the jogger and sprinting. I guess it will make tomorrows run with 10x1 min pick ups feel good. Over all a great run. We got in like 9 miles and I had a ave heart rate of 128.

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