Friday, September 19, 2008

Looking towards the weekend

* More Pictures from our trip to Leadville,CO.

It is looking like we are going to have a good weather weekend for some trail running in the Twin Cities, that makes me very excited to get after it. I had a good run this morning with Joe Z and the boys out at Hyland Park. It had been a long time since I was able to drag myself out of bed to make it there by the 6am start time. After getting a no run day yesterday I was ready to roll. I had hoped to not miss yesterday but I guess that happens with 3 kids huh. One thing I forgot going into today's run was that it is still very dark at 6am. Thank god I had my Petzal Tika headlamp in the car. As we got going I was up in the front talking with a few guys as we made our way up to the top of the ski hill. On the top of the hill they have recently put down some new gravel. It is great to run on but as my right ankle found out there can sometimes be some big rocks hanging out as well. I could not believe how bad it hurt. I felt my ankle bone hit the outside of the ground to give you a idea how bad it rolled over. I walked/ jogged it off for a little while. I was not sure if I should keep going but decided I would give it a shot. After a mile or so I could feel my ankle start to losses up a little so I was able to finish up the run with the guys. In some ways I think pushing on might have helped it out some ? Kept it loose ? Either way it was nice to run with the guys and trade stories. It sounds like a few of them might run the new Surf the Murph 50k as well. I think all in all it was like a 1:07 run so I am guessing like 8 miles or so ?


Kel said...

I just sent in my registration for Surf the Murph (my first 50K). Hopefully there will be a good turnout!

Kurt said...

Thanks great !!! I also hope they get good turnout. I will look foward to hearing all about it.