Friday, September 12, 2008

Bad Back/ Best way to blog ?

This week has been pretty much a wash running wise. Man I got up on Monday to take Evan to his daycare and as we where leaving I bent down to get something and my back went wacky on me. It really sucked all day Monday and seemed a bit better on Tuesday. On Tuesday night I got in a short easy 5 miles. It was funny how my back felt better running ? I guess that was good. Wednesday it felt a bit better but I ended up taking the day off anyway. Thursday and Friday I got in a hour each day which was good. I felt like I could run way farther but took the "taking it easy" route instead. The back is still a pain but I guess if it does not hurt running I will keep with it.

This last week I also have been thinking about my blog. Part of me thinks it makes a better blog when I write daily about what's going on and what I ran or did not run. Maybe it keeps me more honest ? Keeps me with keeping my nose to the grindstone. I guess I do not have the answer. All I know is that I like sharing my running life with people so I will keep it going one way or another.

Also I heard today that there is going to be a 25/50k trail race at Murphy on Nov 1st. That should be a fun and hilly run. Maybe something to check out. There will be info on the race on Ultrarunning web site.


Matthew Patten said...

I hear ya on the blogging thing.

My blog was one of the things that kept me consistent and honest in my training.

Keep in mind you are one of the better runners out there, so some of us use your blog to see what how you train and get ideas.

Sometimes it is more interesting to see how you balance work, family, training, challenges, and motivation.

Just some thoughts

keith said...

i like your blog because it is very straightforward and honest. and when you have a down week, somehow that makes it okay for me, a mere mortal to have a down week.

funny how everyone's blogs seem to help everyone else in our little running community!

MN Ultra Runner said...

I agree with the others, keep it rolling..more the better! I'll be at Murphy Nov. 1 but as a volunteer.