Sunday, September 21, 2008

Clicking Along

I would say it was a pretty good weekend of running. I was not sure what the weekend would bring after cranking my ankle so bad on Friday but it worked out pretty good.

The run on Saturday was not exactly what I was hoping in all ways but turned out to be great in a different way. I was thinking I would go run the river bottoms early in the morning and then go straight to work and shower there. Well when the alarm went off it was mighty hard to get up. Plus Sonya was going to run the Bolder Dash 5k and for some reason Evan was up much earier than normal. I knew Kyra was going to be with him so I wanted to help get things in line. This gave me less time then planned so I turned to plan B. I put on a new pair of the Nike Lunar trainer shoes I just got and went out for a 6 mile "up tempo" run. I started out easy the first mile till I got to the parkway then picked it up little by little. Once I made it the two miles to the lake I picked it up some more. Man I felt fast and easy all at the same time. I have not run a run like this for awhile. It was good to crank it out !! On the way back to the house I took it easy the last mile. I think I ended up with like 4 miles of tempo work. The ankle felt good also !!

Sundays run seem to come much earlier than the 7:30am start I had with Paul. We went to Lebanon Hills park to run for a change. Man what a park !!! I do not know why we have not run more there this year ? My ankle was very tight the first 30 min's of the run, but then got much better. For awhile I thought I would have to shut it down early. I am sure the uneven trail did not help much. One thing that was nice today was that Paul and I kept the pace nice and solid. It felt good to work things out on the trail like that with my buddy. We ened up doing just over 2 1/2 hours for what I thought was a solid 20 miles. What was best was the fact we only crossed over parts of the same trails. Great run !! Today's run was in my new Inov-8 f-lite 300 shoes. Pretty nice.

I ened up with 52 miles on 6 days. Not bad as I work my way back to normal weeks of 70 miles every week. To do this I will need to get rid of these 5 and 6 mile days and get back to like 7-8 miles each run with a good 10-13 mile midweek run. Just got to keep cracking the whip.


Gregg said...

I think you and I have talked about that before but it seems like a person can really get in good shape when running 65-75 miles per week. That's a range I most likely will stay in for the fall. Keep it up!!

Kurt said...

Thanks man. You too keep up the good work. I hope to see you in some more trail races next season !!! You have the tools to rock and roll.

SteveQ said...

Wish I had someone like Paul to keep me honest; I keep stopping half-way through workouts.

I'm looking at getting back to 70 mpw in about a month. Too many races before then!

nwgdc said...

70 mpw...I'm working my way there, but not yet...right now I'm real comfortable at about 50.

And so is my wife. :)