Friday, February 23, 2007

please go

You know the last few days I have been thinking about the upcomming World Cross Country Championships. They hold these every year. To me this is the most pure of races in the world that the "elite" runners from all the world compete in. It brings it all togeather. Short distance people like milers all the way up to top 10,000 meters runners compete in this one race. What also makes it pure to me it the fact that it is on grass. Not a high tech track or road. There are no rabbits to set the pace. It's just running. This year it is in Kenya of all places. To many runners Africa and in this case Kenya is the home of cross country. So to me this makes it more special than normal. But like most years team USA will not have all of it's top runners running. Why ? I know it is easy for me to sit hear on my chair and say that. But I guess I would think that any time you can run in a championship race for your country why not do it. It is hard for me to understand. Maybe because I would do anything to wear that USA on my chest.

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