Sunday, February 25, 2007

How about a snow run ?

As a life long Minnesota guy I am never shocked by the weather come winter time. It seems like every year as of late people think well maybe we will get a year with not much snow and then BAM !!! It snows like crazy. Well this weekend was that time. After a cold but not very snowy winter a comming off a week of mid 30's to low 40's people where feeling pretty good. We got hit pretty good.

Well to be honest I was for the most part kind of happy with the snow. I for one like running in the snow and heck it is winter in Minnesota for God's sake. So after about 30+ min's of shoveling so we could get the car out Sonya, Evan and I went out to Ma and Pa Deckers for a run. Evan loves his time Grandma and Grandpa's house while mom and dad run.

We had a 25 miler on the books to do and we thought our best bet was to just run side streets all over to avoid lot's of cars. Plus those roads had been plowed as well. Let me just say this run was just what the doctor ordered for me. I felt so good out there with Sonya running in the snow. I had had a ruff last few days and needed something to pick me up and this did that. Other than a 2 mile streach in Maple Grove where we had a few ASS HOLES in there suv's who did not want to share the road it was great. I felt very good after and Sonya looked great as per normal for her. Let me tell you she will be so ready come April 7th and the 100k.

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