Monday, February 26, 2007

the day after

It's funny how tired one can be the day after a 25 mile run in the snow and a few hours of snow removal. I found this out while running with my good friend Nick. We went running last night after work down by the lakes. It was a nice 7 mile loop. I felt ok for the most part but was a tad stiff in my legs. I guess that should be expected huh. I just got to keep with it and stay the course. The next few weeks will be what I need to get ready for my spring racing.

-For those of you not from Mpls. When one talks about the " Lakes " they are talking about the chain of lakes in the uptown area in Mpls. It is a great place to run. The paths are always clear and you can run on forever. The Twin Cities Marathon runs by this area.

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