Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sun, Snow and Friends

This last week was a pretty good one filled with more fun running with friends on some good trails and roads with even a little indoor track tossed in for fun.

On both Friday and Sunday I got to run the great winter running trails at Theo Wirth and Lebanon Hills. The Friday morning group was the biggest it had been in many weeks. I think there was like 6 or 7 guys ready for the 6am start. The trail was in good shape and it was not to cold for the early start.

The Sunday group found Tony K, Adam L joining in for the first7 7+ mile loop at Lebanon along with Sonya, Paul and myself with Rick C. and we even ran into Helen part of the way so she jumped into the group. The snow was good and packed and the sun felt good. I loved the run and felt real good all the way. Still using my Vespa for all long runs and I will say for me it works like great! We got in a solid 20 miles for the day. After the run Sonya and I got a coffee on the way to pick up the kids. A great way to top of the morning. As great as the run was I will say I am excited to get the dirt back soon! With the warn temps we are having now it might not take to long.

One of my best days of the week was a super indoor track workout of 7x1000 meters at 10k race pace. I got to warm up with Paul and his son Danny which was super cool. Once I started I got the ipod cranking and I felt super great. This was my second workout of the year and I feel real good about where I am at this point. Still lots of work to do but it feels real good to be where I am at as of now.

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