Sunday, March 7, 2010

My City is Alive

Man just got back from a solid 12 mile run down and round the lakes in Mpls. The Sun was out, temps are good and I was taking it all in. As a trail runner I love how I can go get lost in the woods and wind from tree to tree and sometimes not see a soul for hours. But as I saw today during my run was a great reminder of what I love about living in the city. I love that there are people outside like crazy just breathing the fresh air and enjoying the day with there friends and family. I do not know of anywhere else where I can get both the great wooded trails and the non stop paths all within 5 to 15 mins from my house. I love my city and state !

Today also saw me finish up another great week of running. It feels good to have the miles added up while loving it all and for the most part not having it feel like a job. It's good to be back. I am looking forward to the next few weeks and getting to race aging after a long long break. I also look forward to the trails all being open sometime soon. I have a feeling it will be pretty muddy for a few weeks and I will try my best to stay off them so not to tear them all up to bad.

Remember a few posts ago I wrote about having a song going thru my brain over and over after rocking to it via my ipod on the run. Well I think I am going to make this a weekly part of my blog. The weeks song always gets me going. What a great old school punk rock band. Long live the Hives.

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