Thursday, March 25, 2010

Race Week

I always struggle with how much to run the week of a race. It's not like I am peeking for this Sunday's race but I also hope to have a good run there. So after many great weeks in a row I decided to cut back just a bit so I could put my best foot forward at race time. I still had a great workout on Tuesdays and followed that up with a solid baby jogger up tempo run tonight with Evan. Man pushing a almost 4 year old gets harder by the week. But I will say I can tell my fitness must be better since I does not feel like total hell. It is funny the looks I get while we are flying around the lakes.

So have you been hitting the trails ? I sure hope so as it is great to be back on dirt ! I have been at Hyland a few times the last week or so plus the single track trails along the creek by our house have been nice as well. I have been trying a bunch of trail shoes this year so far. I have been super excited because we have gone all in full tilt with the trail running gear at TC Running Company. As a long time trail/ultrarunner I always thought it sucked that you had to go to like 5 different places to get what I wanted/needed. So Adam and I thought why not become trail headquarters for the Twin Cities area. We have added Montrail, Vasque and in July Salomon shoes to our already big wall of trail shoes. I also have stocked up the nutritional stuff, water packs and headlamps to name a few things. Heck as always I tell people that if they need it and I do not have it tell me and I will see what I can do ! So back to the shoes. I have been running in the NB 100, Inov8 xtalon 212, Montrail Rockridge and now the Vasque Transistor fs shoes. I will have to say that I have liked them all alot. The NB and Inov8 are super light and fast and the Montrail and Vasque are lighter but also have some good extra cush. It is great to have so many good options to run in. Hmm what will be my race shoe at Trail Mix 50k ???

Well my video or in this case 2 videos for the week is a good one. All time favortive bands in Fugazi and the Decendants !! Brings me back a long time ago and to a time where I spent alot of time at there concerts.

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Anonymous said...

I am suprised this was not your Fugazi video - Long Distance Runner

The farther I go the less I know
One foot goes in front of the other
It all boils around to not hanging around
To keep moving in front of the gravity
The answer is there the answer is there
but there is not a fixed position
It keeps moving along so I keep coming along
and that's why I'm a long distance runner
and if I stop to catch my breath
I might catch a piece of death
I can't keep your pace if I want to finish this race
My fight's not with it
It's with the gravity
Long distance runner