Monday, March 15, 2010

St. Patty "Haman Race"=Great race

Year in year out the start to the road race season officially starts at the St Patty Day "Human Race" 8k championship in St Paul. This race has hosted the MN 8k road championships for so many years in a row now I could not count that high. It is for a good reason. The race offers all the things I think make up a quality race. It has a great course, Great competition, very well organized race day from packet pickup to actual on course stuff like mile markers, air stations, etc. I have run the race almost every year since 2002. It to me marks the start of spring racing !! If you are looking for a great way to kick of the spring and want to run a top notch race check it out. You can get info at TSL
* Ok so it is St Paddys Day "Human Race" 8k !!! Sorry Helen


Helen said...

As possibly the only (100%) Irish reader of your blog I have to correct you... I am not sure why but lots of people here call it St Patty's Day but NO ONE in Ireland ever does - Patty is rarely used as a short version of Patrick (more common as a short version of Patricia) - St. Paddy's Day it is!! Unless you are trying to feminize our patron saint :)

Hoping to make it over to St. Paul to watch all you speedy runners burn some road.

oh and yeah, I think I will enter the WS lottery this year... not really sure I'll be up for a 100 next year but I figure it doesn't do any harm to throw my name in the hat.

Kurt said...


Kurt said...

Ok it could also just be that I suck with wrting and such ?

Matthew Patten said...

At least you didn't call is the "Hyman Race". Not sure if I would do that one.

SteveQ said...

I've been chuckling over the Hebrew "Haman" showing up in the title of a quasi-Irish race.

I still have a shirt from the early years of the race, when it was 5 miles (and ended at the capital) that advertises "McBjorklund Sports." That's the funniest thing Gary ever did!