Friday, December 4, 2009

Need a good laugh ?

Do you ever feel like towards the end of the day you need that good laugh to pull you through the day ? Well I came across these great video's from the Runners web site. This weekend is the Nike team cross country finals race out in Portland,OR. This is a great race where the top teams from around the country as well as some top individual people qualify to race to see who's best !! This year Adam from the store is out there with the Eden Prairie boys team. There are 3 team from MN there with EP, Wayzata and Elk River girls. One of the individual runners is Jacob Sandry who works part time for me at the store. I can't wait to see the results and watch the race as it will be show live on tomorrow at 11:30am I believe. In the mean time watch these funny video's with lot's of Nike athletes making fun of themselves. Good Stuff !!


SteveQ said...

The impersonations had me laugh, despite myself. Now - gotta find the results of the race AND of the WS lottery.

Chad said...

Good stuff.