Thursday, December 17, 2009

What to run in 2010 ?

As I sit here tonight I keep going over in my head what I might want to run in 2010. That is a good question I have found and one I am not super sure I know the answer to yet.

Training has been going pretty well I have to say so that has made it more fun to look towards next season. I feel like working with Dr. Hills the last 3 weeks is helping me get much more flexible. I believe that alone will be of a big help. I have become so stiff and it is hard to run long long races when you are so stiff. Plus in a weird way running in the snow has been fun.

As a running junkie I always am looking for stuff to motivate me. That is a great thing about being a runner in this day and age. There is no shortage of things to read or watch online. I came across these two video's and both are super great. The first is by Montrail about there Ultra Cup race series and the second is about Marco Olmo who went from working the mines to winning the UTMB two years in a row I believe back in 2006 and 2007. Let me know if you like these or can think of some good race you would recommend OK. Take care !!

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