Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The 5 Best Runs of 2009

So one of the guys I follow in blogland is Andy Jones-Wilkins. Andy is a very good runner but is also a pretty cool guy it seems. I have never met anyone who knows him who will not say he is a good dude. He had a post on his best 5 runs of the year and that made me think about what I would put down. So hell here is what I can come up with.

5. Running the kids race at TCM kids events with my son Evan was a treat !!!

4. The Superior 50k trail run last May. Ran the whole race with my best friend and trail pal Paul !!! It was not our best times but hell 31 miles on the trail is cool with me.

3. The Paul, Adam and Kurt 50 mile trail run on the Voyageur course in late July. It was so much fun to enjoy the trail with 3 good friends. Hell it was Adam's first ultra run ever !!

2. Kurts's Fat Ass trail run out at Elm Creek this last November. Sonya ran all 62 miles. I was able to run the first 30 miles with her then the last 4 or so. I was so happy to be out there with her on that day. I knew how bad she wanted to make it all 62 miles and given that she had run Twin Cites marathon and the North Face 50 miler in the 4 week leading up to it what more can I say.

1. Leadville 100. Once more not my fastest but it felt so good to make it through that race given that I knew I was not in my best shape. A epic day for me that was for sure.

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