Monday, December 7, 2009

Pretty Darn Good

( Evan and Cara in PA )
Pretty darn good is how I would describe the weekend. Not only did I get in 3 great days of running trails and such with lot's of great people but there was some great races going on as well.

Friday I ran with Sonya and Evan. Let's just say this was most likely the last run with the jogger for the year. As always great to run with my main two partners. To put a little extra pop into the day Sonya and I got to go out to a good friends party out at Lee's in downtown to drink beers and listen to great live and loud music. Epic I say !!

Saturday had allot going on starting with a great 12 mile run down on the river bottoms with a big group of people. Many of us meet after at TC Running to see if our names came up in the Western States 100 mile lottery. Only 1 of us got our name pulled. It will be fun to see how Tony does out there. Good luck buddy !! You can see results here. This day was also Nike team xc nationals in Portland. Adam owner of the store was out there with the EP boys. Great video/ pictures and results are at Runners check it out !! Lastly on this day was the North Face 50 mile championships out in California. Great races all around with a extra special result from my buddy Chris Lundstrom getting 3rd in a super great time and beating some super great runners in his first 50 miler !!

Sunday just caped it all off with a fun road/trail run along the river by the U of M and such with Nick, John, Duke, Eve and Sonya. We got in 14 miles in all I think. Now if only my Vikings could have played better. Oh well cant win them all I guess. Now I just need to figure out what races to run next year ?? Hmmm and idea's ?

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