Friday, February 20, 2009

Where did the week go ?

Time to catch up I guess. So the last time I blogged at all I was talking about how I was looking forward to starting my training for Grandma's and such. I ended last week with a great long run with Sonya, Paul and Adam for part of it. Paul and I got in like 18 miles on the LRT trail from Hopkins. There was a little ice but overall not to bad. I think th week ended with 45 miles in 5 runs once more. Man I could not get over the hump with days and amount of miles.

This week has started out much much better overall. So far I have run everyday !!! I have also had three real nice 10 mile runs. Now while this has been good I do know not to over do it to much and go from 5 days and 45 miles the last few weeks to 7 days and like 70+ miles. That being said I do look to get all 7 days in with some running and if all works out end with like 60 miles for the week.

Now more in my showing everyone some great motivational video's I like. Since I just bought this week the Brad Hudson training book I thought I would show you a video from one of his runners and one of my favorite U.S. runners Dathan Ritzenhein. Dathan was just 9th place at the last Olympic marathon. Enjoy !!

Track and Field Videos on Flotrack


rob horton said...

awesome vid kurt - enjoyed it.

Helen said...

Another Grandma's runner - cool! I also am excited to start training (like, today I guess - 4 mths out...) - I agree the speed and tempo runs for a marathon are a BIG help on ultras - makes all the difference in the last 10 miles or more of an ultra to have pushed past your threshold so much in training.