Friday, February 13, 2009

Getting Back on the Horse

I have a date, a date with a little thing called Grandma's marathon in June. One of the things I have been talking about for sometime now is that I needed to get back to training more like a marathon runner. As I have said before I think far to many people training for ultra's do not do enough speed running each week. I have had my best years doing ultra's when I have been running lot's of hard speed work each year. I am still about 99% sure I will be toeing that line at Leadville trail 100 in August once more, but I want to make sure I am as fast as I can be when I get there. A finish will be high on my list but I am also wanting to run as fast as I can. I am a racer.

So one of the ways I thought to get myself in that type of shape was to sign up for Grandma's marathon this year. Another wrinkle in this race will be my buddy/boss at TC Running Company Adam and I are having the "20 min" challenge. Adam one day a while back was talking trash with me about how he could spot me 20 min's and still beat me since he feels like he will be in that kind of shape come June. I figured I would take that bet and so we begin the battle !!!

I am still 2 weeks away from my official training starting for Grandma's but I am getting excited to see how it will go. As many of you who know me good know how much running video's and such pump me up. I will start today going back and sharing with you some of my favorite one's. Let's get it started !!!

2008 Olympic Mens marathon trials


Get Primal said...

You'll both beat me to the finish line, but I'll spot you both 5 beers at Old Chicago Saturday afternoon;)

nwgdc said...

I'm with the Primal guy on this one! Spot me an hour, and I'll probably have a beer down by the time you arive.