Thursday, February 26, 2009

Please snow go away soon

Man after feeling like I was making some real progress forward with the running we get hit with a bunch of snow !!! I love snow as much as the next guy but I am ready for it to go away soon. I do not know what we have gotten so far today but I am thinking I heard like 10 inches, what fun. So far this has been a pretty good start to the week. With the new training plan starting this coming Sunday and it going from Sunday to Saturday I have to re-set my thinking when it comes to my running week. I am at 38 miles for 4 days so far so I hope to still get some running in later to get over the 40+ mile mark going into Friday. I would like to end this week at 60 miles or so.

Here is two pretty good video's from Josh Cox who just set the American record for 50k. He has quite the training group with Hall, Meb and the rest of the Mammoth Lakes group.

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rob horton said...

way cool content kurt - i am fully inspired!!!