Monday, February 23, 2009

Ending on a good note.

So I ended last week on a good note I thought. Now I did not get in a 18-20 mile run like I was thinking going into the weekend but I did have two good runs. Saturday I went out after work from the store and rolled out a nice 7 miler. I had a nice pace going for the most part. One thing about running from the store is that the hills make me get stronger !!! I need to get stronger that is for sure.

On Sunday I also went for a run from the store after work. I normally have Sundays off but we where short on staff so I had to fill in. The morning was out of the question for Sonya and I to double up since she was running for 4 hours !! Yes I said 4 hours. What a crazy tuff woman I have for a wife. So after I closed up the store I got all ready and went out the door with my trusty ipod. At first I was thinking longer like I said before but after about 3 miles or so I decided to make this into a solid pace run. I kept a great pace for the next hour or so I would guess. All in all I got in 14+ miles with like 10 miles of it run around 6:45 pace I would guess off the top of my head. I ended up the week running all 7 days and getting in like 56 miles. 10 miles better than last week so that is good. I need to keep this up with only like 4 weeks till St Patty's Human Race 8k race.


rob horton said...

hey kurt,

what are you thoughts on gps watches? it sounds like you don't use one - i was curious if you had an issue with them.


Kurt said...

You know Rob I have just never gotten two into them. I think they seem pretty cool but I do not like that the battery goes so quick. I have my nice Suunto t6 heart monitor with I love. It has heart rate, alltitude, and has a speed monitor as well. I have just not used it very much. I might get a Garmin just to have one more toy to play with since I can get a pretty good deal with work and all.

rob horton said...

i was really resistant to the garmins when i first saw them, but after a couple runs with a friends i decided i had to have one. i still enjoy some pleasure runs wherein i don't permit myself to look at my watch until the run is over. i just have the cheap 205 - i didn't want to get obsessed about my heart rate :) i am thinking about possibly getting another one so that i can switch em during ultra events (i think i get ten hours of battery life - which hasn't been an issue yet :) )

Gregg said...

For what it's worth...
I have the Garmin 405 and it's low battery life, 7-8 hours, isn't an issue with me, yet. The only other "issue" is the bezel, that works like an i-pod, doesn't work the best when your fingers are sweaty. All you have to do is wait until you cool down, dry off your hands and it works great.
I like having the Garmin when I am running new territory to gauge mileage, or doing specific workouts. To have the constant feedback of pace, HR, and distance is priceless!!
My vote: Go get one.