Monday, July 28, 2008

What a week

This last week was not quite what I was thinking it would be when I started it. After another good week the week before I was quickly set back. I was hounded all week with this crazy kink in my neck. It littery was " a pain in the neck " if I do not say so myself in so many ways. Not only did it make running hard, it just made all week suck at times since I felt like I had a board tied to my neck. I got in some running but not as much as I was looking for. Oh well I guess it was not a bad week to take some down time since I leave for Colorado in 2 weeks !!!

I did end the week on a good note wit a super run on the ski hill doing some repeats. I ran after work since I choose to sleep in some with my little buddy. Plus we got to play with some of his new toys !! Back to the running. I was saying how I ran after work. Well at the start of the run I was a bit down since it was pretty hot and muggy and well I just wanted to go home. I decided to try some hill repeats and see how it goes. It had been some time since I was on the ski hill just doing repeats. After I got a few in I started to feel great and very strong. I just kept going. I stoped at 20 half mile repeats. I felt like I could do many more !! But I am glad to have stopped. What the saying, " Hay is in the barn " ? I like it. All in all it was what it was. I am hoping for a good few weeks of easy running and seeing how it goes. It should be fun.

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