Friday, July 18, 2008

Looking foward to a big weekend, 5 more weeks to go

As I sit here looking at a calender I have two more weekends to get big runs in then it will be time for a nice 3 week taper to get all rested. I am hoping to get in big days both Saturday and Sunday. I know Sunday am am going to be lucky enough to get to run with Sonya and Paul out at Hyland. As for what Saturday brings I am not sure. I would like to run at either Afton or Lebanon hills.

The week so far has been good for the most part. I got in great runs both Monday and Tuesday nights out at Hyland. I was feeling the effects of being back on the AltoLab this week. I was dragging on Tuesday and Wednesday big time. But was much better today even with pushing Evan in the baby jogger. With any luck I will feel pretty good this weekend. I am going to be running in my new second pair of Montrail Streaks !! I wanted to have a 2nd pair all ready for Leadville as back up.

My motto this week has been "what would Kyle do " ? For those un-geeky type guys like myself who pay way to much attention to the sport of running, hell all sport with me. Kyle is the one and only Kyle Skaggs. He is one of the guys I like to point to when talking about how ultrarunning getting faster and better !!! There is a slew of young bucks who in my mind are pushing our sport forward. Kyle just set the Hardrock 100 mile record last weekend. He ran like 23 hours 23 mins to take like 3 hours off Scott Jureks record !!! He also set the course record at Wasatch Front 100 last year. It was his 1st hundred mile race ever !!! With any luck thinking about what would Kyle do will help we along the next few weeks.


SteveQ said...

You missed Matt Patten's all-night run at Afton, but I might see you at Hyland.

Looks like Sonya ran well at the 1/2 Voyageur. Was Jarrow's beach as bad as everyone says?

kurt decker said...

Yea that must have been a fun time out at Afton. I ended up running the MN river bottoms.

Sonya made it. She is so not made to run rocky sections, so Yes Jarrows beach sucked !! Even I hate that part every year. I will be out at Hyland from 7am till about 12 noon. Most of the time doing big outside loops of the parks trails. I will be going past the hill so I will look for you.