Sunday, July 20, 2008

Not bad, I will take it

So I came a bit short of my total miles for the weekend goal, but all in all I am very happy with how things went and where I feel I am as a runner. Going into the weekend I believe I said I was looking for like 50 miles or so over the two days. I ended up with like 48 miles over the two days. But I will say they all felt like solid quality miles.

On Saturday I went down to the MN river bottoms. I had some extra time on my hands with Sonya and the kids being at a soccer tournament for Kyra. So I slept a bit later than my normal 6 or 7am get up time then headed down to the bottoms. It seemed like a very nice morning given how it has been feeling with the heat and humidity we have been dealing with. At first I thought I would run down to where the pull bridge is and then head back. But when I got there and saw that the bridge was back in it gave me a second wind. I went down a few more miles till I looped back. Being I slept a bit longer than normal there was more bikes than what I normally see, oh well. I did find myself starting to keep the pace pretty good after the first 15 min's or so of the run. It felt good and solid. I ended up with 15 miles give or take in 1 hour 48 mins. I ran the return trip like 9 min's faster than the our section !! My new Montrail Streaks where great.

Sunday brought great company for the run, but much much warmer weather. I met Paul at Hyland at 7am. We ran like 30 min's then Sonya joined us. Today was very wet and sticky. I even changed shirts half way and both got very wet. I felt like we went swimming. Even with all this being said I did feel pretty good after the opening 20 min's or so. I believe I ended up with just over 4 hours and 32+ miles !! That is one more great weekend of running for me. Looking at the weeks I think I can have a big one next weekend then it is time to start resting alot. I am feeling good about many things as of now. I am happy with my shoe choice the Montrail Streaks for the race, I am pretty set on using my camel back style pack for a bunch of the race. I think I have some good drinks and gels to use as well. This is a good feeling people !!!


Gregg said...

Wonderful Kurt... glad to see things coming together for you. Best of Luck!

SteveQ said...

Great seeing you out there Sunday. For the record, Hasse said he'd done 40 miles at 8:45 pace Saturday and then 70 loops of the Hyland Hill (35 miles) Sunday. He was laughing about how you ask about his training, when you're so much faster than he is. I think his workouts answer that!