Monday, August 4, 2008

Just 2 weeks !!!

So it is less than 2 weeks till the big day !! I am at the stage now where I am starting to pack the stuff I will need just so it is done. Me and the family are going out that way this coming Saturday night. I am thinking of driving Thu the night to make it easy on the kids. Heck them sleeping might be best for me as well.

The running leading up to the race has just been there, nothing special. I always feel this way when resting the last few weeks before a big run. I think last week I got in like 50-55 miles ? I have just been running to stay loose. I did get in one more day on the ski hill with Paul. We knocked out 20 strong repeats. What was nice was that we got to run the last few with Bob Stavig and Greg Allen. Bob has been like a ultra running mentor to Paul and I over the years. This guy has run them all. I think he has like 12+ finishes in Leadville alone, with a few being sub 24 hours. Nothing like seeing the master before heading out of town.

Also this last weekend I was down at Lake Calhoun for the ultra Pat and I where putting on. As you could guess it was a hot one !! Very humid as well. We had 3 50k finishes. Patrick was hoping to shoot for a 100k time to get on this years USA world championships team but today was not the day. My wife Sonya was also in the back of her mind hoping it would be a day to go 62 miles. In the end I think they both did the correct thing and save themselves. I know it was not a easy thing to do for both of them. Keith was also rocking the five fingers for 50k !! I have no idea how he did it but great job. This is all I got for now, I am off to Hyland for a nice trail run tonight !!

1st Annual Twin Cities Ultra Festival

No Finishers :(

Patrick Russell 3:30:49
Sonya Anderson-Decker 4:10:58
Keith Krone 5:08:58

Mark Hanson 4:37:25


keith said...

two weeks! good luck, kurt! and thanks again for running with me on saturday. that was awesome!

Matthew Patten said...


I look forward to hearing about the race. It looks like a record number of Minnesotans are going.

Yeah, that Keith is nuts. I wonder how fast he would be with shoes on.

Kel said...

Good luck at Leadville Kurt! Sounds like your training has been solid - now you get to put it to the test!

sr in tx said...

I'll be sending you positive vibes, Kurt! Good luck!