Sunday, July 13, 2008

The weeks keep getting better

I guess if I had to pick a time to feel like I was rounding into shape now is the time. We are like a little less than 5 weeks from Leadville. So I figure I have like 3 more weeks of top training then I will begin a 3 week taper. I have done to weeks in the past but feel like this is best.

After the great week last week ending with Afton I kept the ball rolling. On Monday I got a great run at Hyland in the pouring rain !! I would have kept running but cut it short with the lightning I saw. It was best in the long run I figure. I also had a great 9 mile run the next day out there at Hyland. This place has for sure become a local stomping ground for me being that it is between home and work.

Wednesday and Friday believe it or not I ran on the roads. Now I like the roads but I think before this it had been like 3-4 weeks of no roads, all trail for me. ZI like the trails !!!

On Saturday I ran with Sonya at the MN Voyageur trail marathon. I was fun to spend the day with her on this pretty trail. The type of trail is not good for her but she hung in there and did her best. I am very proud of her !!

Sunday brought much fun with the boys out at Hyland. They all went 40 miles for the day, but I got in like 15-16 miles. I figured this was a good day after 27 miles the day before. I felt GREAT. I wanted to go 1 more loop and get in over 20 miles for the day but cut it back so I could spend time with Sonya and Evan before I went to work. A good call. I look forward to next week !!! Keep em coming trail gods.

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