Sunday, May 4, 2008

Weekend fun and more

So this last weekend was a pretty fun weekend of running for me. I had been looking forward to hitting the trails some and running with my friends. It did not disappointed. On Saturday I got in a great 10 mile run with Nick on our "Tombstone" loop at Lakewood cemetery. I felt pretty good overall. Sunday I went super early at 6am with my pal Paul and his dog Sunshine down on the MN river bottoms. We had great weather and the trail was in super shape. One bummer was the floaty bridge was out so we had to do a few extra loops but all in all a great run. We kept the pace pretty good for most of the run. I was tired the first 45 min's but got better as we ran. All in all we got in like 22 miles in 2 hours 50 min's.

Later in the day Sunday we had a b-day party for my step daughter Kyra. She is a whopping 12 now !! My wife and I say 12 going on 22 but heck that's the life of a parent huh. She seemed to like her party and all. Happy B-day Kyra !!!!

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