Thursday, May 1, 2008

Finally a run !!

After a few days off I finally got in a run !! Man I must have really bruised my quad muscle pretty good last Sunday. I ended up taking Monday and Wednesday off. I felt like I could run yesterday but thought I would just take one more day to be safe and make sure I can try for a big weekend.

Evan and I got out for a run around noon so he got in his nap while I got to test the body sum. I felt pretty good overall. The downhills where a bit tender but good overall. I was thinking of going a hour and a half but kept it to 1 hour. All in all a good run. I got in like 8 miles durning that hour so pretty solid.

I found this list of all mens Olympic medal winners from all the Olympics. It is pretty cool to see all the names. Check it out.

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SteveQ said...

I take it you decided against Runnin in the Ruff. Probably a good idea; it's supposed to snow. Again.