Sunday, May 11, 2008

Week of May 5th-11th

Monday 5/5- Ran with Evan down by the lakes. I felt ok, we say lots of ducks which Evan loved. ( 7 miles )

Tuesday 5/6- Ran at 5:30am with my buddy Patrick Russell. As much as I hate getting up this early I always love running with Pat. It had been awhile so we had lot's to catch up on. Plus it is nice to mix things up and run from his place and loop by the river and in St Paul some. I felt pretty good after the first 20 min's. ( 8 miles )

Wednesday 5/7- My first run using my inhaler. I can not say I noticed much of a difference but then aging pushing a jogger in the wind might have more to do with that. We ran down by the lakes once more. ( 7 miles )

Thursday 5/8- Today I felt better. Maybe there is something about this inhaler stuff after all. We did a little longer run at the lakes. Evan had a great time singing and talking very loud most of the way. I believe many people got a kick out of it. He is a funny little boy and I love running with him. ( 10 miles )

Friday 5/9- I ended up not running today after a last min plan to drive to Brookings,SD to see my friend Stave run the marathon. It was his last in his 50 states + all continents loop. ( 0 miles )

Saturday 5/10- Ran in the pouring ran for 8 miles with Steve. I had hoped to run more with him but a) he was running much faster than I wanted to ( 6:10-6:30 miles ) and running in the pouring rain really sucked !!! Oh well I got in a nice 8 mile temp run. ( 8 miles )

Sunday 5/11- Ran with Paul at Hyland trails at 6:30am. We did a few different hill loops. I felt super great !!! My best run in a long time. I am not sure how many we got in but I am guessing like 15-18 hills or such ? It was a great run and a good way to end the week. I did not get as many total miles as I hoped but felt good about where I am leading into the next week. My total volume will get bigger after this next week with any luck. ( 14 miles )

Miles for the week = 54 ( 6 days )

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