Friday, May 23, 2008

A great read from Ryan Hall

So I find I really like what I read on the web from one Ryan Hall. I think he has great perspective on life and running. I am not a big religion guy like him but respect that he shares his views at times but not in a way I feel is shoving it down my throat. Check out this latest blog of Ryan's. Also I will be cheering for him this weekend as he runs the Bolder Boulder 10k. I ran this many year ago and it was a fun race.

** I love this picture of my kids. Little Evan is so proud of his big sisters


Phil said...

Ryan Hall is a fabulous runner. I found the film of his run in the US Olympic Marathon Trial nothing short of jaw-dropping. As long as he keeps his religion to himself he could change the way the average Joe in this country percieves our sport.

BTW .. feel free to do whatever you'd like with your blog. We'll keep reading regardless.

kurt decker said...

Thanks !! Yea I would agree his run at NYV was great. His race in London this April was crazy good.